Tuesday, May 11, 2010


life is to short not to take advantage of.. it takes a toll to the worst or to the best. it changes makes you think is it worth it? from my experiences I've learned to tell myself that were not here to be miserable were here to make a difference and make us something important.. at least to ourselves.

I will be 17 soon.. i know I'm not that much of an adult yet but i plan to make a difference for my future. i have everything i want now. i have a person that truly cares about me and also a mind of  creative values. 

When i graduate, i plan to go to the art institute of culinary arts. i also want to start my own restaurant bakery anything! i want to be successful! i will need support. at first i was thinking is this worth the reading of people? will people understand where im coming from? well now i just think its worth a try.

ttyl sincerely,


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